Mind Viruses – Digital


Everyone wants to be successful in life. We all want to overcome our problems, hardships, and difficulties and achieve our dreams. Unfortunately, many of us struggle on a daily basis to succeed. Though our culture offers many solutions to our problems, these solutions always end in failure. We wish we could find a solution to our spiritual, physical, and relational difficulties, but an answer seems to allude us.

In Mind Viruses: Diagnosing What’s Defeating You, Pastor Mike Robertson shows us how to find fulfillment in life by changing the way we think. Mike shows us that if we can make adjustments in our thinking we can live the life we always dreamed of.

Through practical illustrations and solid Biblical teaching, Mike helps us to identify the toxic thoughts designed to destroy our destiny.

As you apply the principles of Mind Viruses to your life, you will begin to discover the life you always thought was possible.