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Mike D. Robertson | Pastor, Author, Speaker

Take a look inside Mike's newest book.

Chapter 1

Looking in the Mirror
“Left unattended, the mind viruses leave one’s faith anemic.”

Chapter 2

Thought Patterns that Break God’s Heart
“There are times God will take drastic measures to save you from your sinful self.”

Chapter 3

Diagnosing Defeat
“If you have an old mindset, you’re not going to be able to go where God is taking you.”

Chapter 4

The Fear Virus
“Thinking on what is positive shapes what we plan and how we act.”


What others are saying about Mike's books...

  • "In Mind Viruses, my friend, Mike Robertson has provided a treatment plan to the best life possible. Say good bye to fear and hello to faith."

    Jentezen Franklin : Senior Pastor, Free Chapel

  • "This book is transformational leading to a renewal of the mind."

    Dr. Sam Chand : Leadership Consultant and Author of "Leadership Pain"

  • "In his latest book, my friend, Mike Robertson addresses the all important area of our thinking in a fresh, clear and practical way. I have always understood that our thinking, above all things, determines our success. I welcome this resource and believe it will make all the difference in the lives of those who embrace its teaching. Read it, make the mental shifts and watch success begin to flow towards your life."

    Andre Olivier : Senior Pastor, Rivers Church South Africa

  • "If you’re someone like me, who in spite of many years as a Christian, a Ph.D. in Theology, and a wonderful, supportive family, still struggles with my fallen humanity, then this is the book for you. Get it. Study it. Use it. It has the answers you’ve spent years looking for, and could finally help you change what you thought could never be changed."

    Phil Cooke : Filmmaker, Media Consultant, and Author of "One Big Thing"

  • “Mind Virus is unfortunately something that has been going around since the beginning of mankind. Mike Robertson addresses this problem and brings to us the solution. Through Mike's positive lifestyle and way of thinking he shows us and is now teaching us some solutions to escape the snares of the mind virus. If you change your mindset you change your mood set.”

    Tim Storey : American Life Coach, Author and Speaker

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